Hotel Facilities

Bintan Lagoon Village has a degree stretches 6 km long sandy beach (Pasir Panjang). Where the clear blue sea, beach white, very rich marine ecosystem. Leisure facilities quite well, and provide a rich variety of marine activities more than 30, such as sailing, boats, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, canoeing and banana boats; let long beach full of laughter. Island also have a special golf course, and operating various types of folk customs and rainforest adventure tourism. Tourists set foot on Bintan Lagoon Resort, which can be enjoyed at home, convergence and smooth, attentive hospitality, totally world-class standard of service.

Recreational facilities include:

  • Amusement arcade
  • Board game
  • Fluorescent tennis courts (racquets and balls available for hire)
  • Freeform swimming pool
  • Table tennis
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Passion Adventure
  • Mahjong / game room
  • Billiards, 8 round pool and darts
  • Travel & trek
  • Malaysian traditional wedding dress (photos)


Guests at the resort can be absolutely safe and comfortable environment to enjoy the resort’s facilities and services. Indonesians are friendly and hospitable, famous, this is everywhere in the resort. After a day of exciting tourist activities Bintan resort will give you a “home” feeling. Resorts comfortable and modern accommodation facilities, allowing you to enjoy a night of sleep, in order to meet tomorrow’s wonderful experience.



Golfing enthusiasts will especially Bintan is simply paradise feeling. Little Bintan Island has three completely different style of top club, not only test your skills, but also to conquer the beautiful tropical island of your heart, playing the part “tour Mountain”, “splashing”, which is not easily Stadium can do. Bintan Lagoon Resort Bintan Lagoon Golf Club is the world-famous 18-hole golf course, the golf club has two championship fairways, is by Jack Nicklaus and Ian-Baker Finch design. This world-class golf courses and beautiful scenery, you can see the sea, on the golf course bunkers and obstacles are well designed.

The player’s services and facilities:

  • Golf supplies stores
  • Golf club and shoe rental services
  • Golf cart and caddy
  • 31 bay driving range greenery
  • Practice putting green
  • Rest kiosks
  • Upscale clubhouse
  • Dressing room
  • Massage Services
  • Haskell’s Cafe – Snacks and drinks



Beach Spa pavilion built on the seaside lawn, just over 100 meters from the sea, a distance like the natives live in small thatched spiers, but the construction of very fine, solid. Teak flooring vacated booth, surrounded by hanging bamboo, coconut trees, sky and sea.

Local Malay masseur technology is also really nice, they are first soaked in warm water to remove the herb horny guests surface, and then the tropical oil painting neck, back, waist and shoulders, arms. Shiatsu techniques to mainly top-down, finger pressure gradually increased, followed by pecking, Moldova, rub, rub, hack, shoot. After the massage, whole body relaxed, refreshed and endless fun.

The spacious spa includes: villas and suites are equipped with luxurious spa suites, is in degrees honeymoon, the couple and any other a desire to enjoy luxury holidays are the ideal choice, after a fierce campaign, getting a massage will make living bone you feel more comfortable: the clubs with the adjacent resort hotels have prepared specifically for guests spa treatments, allowing you to get in motion after complete relaxation in a comfortable rest.

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